Bad Ideas For Sale

I'm Jake. I'm 20
I take photographs and skateboard
And I reside in Cornwall, England.

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Good to see my old man painting again.

Starting my own board company

It’s gonna be a while before it gets going but I’ll keep this thing updated. 
It will be Cornwall based to start with but who knows it may go further!

Really enjoying my skating recently


Felix - Backside Crook 
Tom Hudson - Backside Ollie to nose pick - Plymouth 

Eric Wade Mini Street Part

Footage from a trip to essex a while back with a few friends. 

Super fun happy time today @caiborg @thebutt_head @jakewillyams @tom_hudson @rootscbn #pastysweats #skate #helston #ledge #video

Jack Richards Birthday edit. Street part thing coming this year. Whoop.

Max Hawke - Back Disaster - Playing Place
Fuller and Bosworth having a moment together 
Darren, Barcelona set up. 
Oh Fuller

Here’s a video I made for Jake Anderson x Karma Skateboards