Bad Ideas For Sale

I'm Jake. I'm 20
I take photographs and skateboard
And I reside in Cornwall, England.

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Roots | Cornwall's Core Skate Store

Look I’m on a website.  (under lurkers)

Photos soon promise xoxo

Here’s a video I made for Jake Anderson x Karma Skateboards

I’m 20 years old today

get something nice for me yeah? 

Lost and found photo. 
This is a photo of me looking like ass after a night out in Barcelona. Enjoy. 
One of many consumed over the week.
Time-lapse filming Barcelona style 

Tumblr exclusive, the last trick slide didn’t slide for some reason, even though the whole place was slick as ice.

Back from Barcelona

And I want to go back already. I’d quite happily live out there with little income (well enough to live and skate) and just do what I love.
Think I should learn to speak spanish fluently first though. 

He don’t give a fuck.
we out here.
Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been filming loads. Have a screen cap. 

Anonymous asked: What type of music do you listen to mainly?

I’m open to anything really. As of late though I’ve been listening to Interpol, Schoolboy Q, Placebo, chance the rapper and David bowie. With a cheeky bit of Bruce springstine. Hope this sort of answers your question.