Bad Ideas For Sale

I'm Jake. I'm 20
I take photographs and skateboard
And I reside in Cornwall, England.

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Felix - Backside Crook 
Tom Hudson - Backside Ollie to nose pick - Plymouth 

Eric Wade Mini Street Part

Footage from a trip to essex a while back with a few friends. 

Super fun happy time today @caiborg @thebutt_head @jakewillyams @tom_hudson @rootscbn #pastysweats #skate #helston #ledge #video

Jack Richards Birthday edit. Street part thing coming this year. Whoop.

Max Hawke - Back Disaster - Playing Place
Fuller and Bosworth having a moment together 
Darren, Barcelona set up. 
Oh Fuller

Here’s a video I made for Jake Anderson x Karma Skateboards

Lost and found photo. 
This is a photo of me looking like ass after a night out in Barcelona. Enjoy. 
One of many consumed over the week.
Time-lapse filming Barcelona style